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Avera Acceleration

525 N. Foster
Mitchell, SD 57301

Avera Acceleration Equipment

Along with treadmill training, an individualized strength training program is developed for each athlete participating in the Athletic Republic® sports training programs. We utilize our specifically designed treadmills and strength training equipment to optimize training techniques and provide the utmost in safety. The strength training builds a proper strength base for our performance enhancement programs.


This specialized treadmill provides a speed range from 0-28 miles per hour and is capable of an incline to 40 percent and decline to 10 percent. Raised and lowered hydraulically, these unique treadmills are designed to help athletes improve their speed while reducing force at the knee upon foot strike.



Plyo Press

The Plyo Press is a machine designed for the distinctive combination of leg strength training and plyometrics. No other device helps athletes achieve the unique benefit of building strength in ways that also benefit speed.




Plyo Platform

Our multi-layered Plyo Platform brings safety and state-of-the-art technique to plyometric jump exercises. Plyometrics include a variety of footwork drills and special exercises, which enhance an athlete's ability to change directions quickly and explosively.





The Pro Multi-Hip is a lower extremity exercise device for hip flexion or extension exercises and abduction and adduction exercises. It has the capacity to function as a very high-intensity, high-loading exercise machine for healthy athletes and as a very low-intensity, low-loading station for rehabilitation of both the hip girdle and lower extremity.




Pro Implosion

The Pro Implosion was developed at the request of former Cincinnati Bengal and all-pro nose tackle Tim Krumrie, who was looking for an isotonic machine that would replicate the demands placed on the trunk, shoulders and arms of football linemen. In meeting his demands, we created a machine that can efficiently condition all athletes.




The SprintCords are patented, lower extremity, resistance-training cords implemented during running or hockey Program sessions and during floor work.

SprintCords enable proprioceptive recruitment of the specific neuromusculature associated with sprinting and other related motions. Athletes can build powerful motions for sprinting, jumping, kicking or other sport-specific motion.