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Avera Acceleration

525 N. Foster
Mitchell, SD 57301

Avera Acceleration Programs

Make no mistake: we've tested, studied and perfected the programs we implement today. Through our research we've learned how to develop competitive athletes. Quite simply, "we have the athlete down to a science."  Athletes are tested at appropriate intervals in the following areas:

  • Linear speed
  • Agility
  • Power
  • Dynamic stability/symmetry
  • Strength
  • Conditioning level


The Running Program consists of protocols that the Athletic Republic® has scientifically designed, tested and implemented on athletes ranging from middle school to the professional levels.  The protocols are sport-specific and tailored for each athlete's development.

The sprinting program drives athletes to reach optimal speed by increasing stride length and stride frequency.  The use of the Generation II Super Treadmill, as well as the use of the Athletic Republic's® patented Sprint CordsTM, will increase stride length and stride frequency as well as increase lactate tolerance and lactate clearance, which results in the ability to run faster and longer.


Plyometric exercises are activities that enable muscle to obtain maximal force in the shortest/quickest time.  The plyometric protocols are designed to develop power, especially the quickness/speed component of power in the lower body.

The protocols have been scientifically tested and based on sport-specific protocols for each athlete.  The application of protocols designed to increase horizontal and vertical movements will improve an athletes, power, agility, reaction time and proprioception. 

Strength Training

Through the use of specially designed weight equipment and individualized programs, athletes build a proper strength base for optimal athletic performance.





The Recreational Athlete Program is specifically designed to be completed in less time than our traditional acceleration program and for those in adult recreational leagues, general fitness members and other fitness enthusiasts. The Occupational Athlete requires strength and endurance, and these abilities can mean the difference between life and death.  The Athletic Republic® sports training programs will increase your level of physical and occupational fitness, whether you are a Policeman, Fireman or in the Emergency Services.  Participating in the Athletic Republic® sports training program places imposed demands upon the body and will make you stronger, faster, quicker and more agile.