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Avera Acceleration

525 N. Foster
Mitchell, SD 57301

Avera Acceleration Sessions

Avera Acceleration is proud to announce that we now have multiple sessions for the summers as well as year round training. Year round training is optimal as many athletes compete in fall, spring, and summer sports. Avera Acceleration offers flexible program schedules to complete our programs before the upcoming sport seasons. On the Ideal Training Times table you can check out the best times to complete a program for your sport season.

Ground Based Program

Our Ground Based Program is ideal for those who want traditional ground based training or want the ability to move up to the Athletic Republic's Running Program. It consists of speed and agility training complete with performance testing, flexibility and specified drills to optimize neural training and coordination. Team on-site training is available!

ACL Bridge/Rehab

The ACL Bridge/ Rehabilitation Program is medically based and provides a transition from a therapeutic setting to sport-specific and recreational athlete programs. Orthopaedic surgeons, physical and occupational therapists, athletic trainers, exercise physiologists and biomechanists have all had roles in developing the Rehabilitation Program protocols. Data is continuously reviewed and evaluated from over 100 Athletic Republic licensed sports training facilities.