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Dougherty Hospice House

Dougherty Hospice House

The Dougherty Hospice House provides a home like setting to bring comfort and peace of mind to patients and their loved ones. The staff and volunteers, including twenty-four hour nursing care provides the acute medical assistance necessary to ensure quality end-of-life care.

Tour the Dougherty Hospice House

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About Dougherty Hospice House

This home away from home provides:
  • Natural lighting and open views to keep the suites bright
  • Private patient suites, with private bathrooms
  • In-suite sleeping accommodations
  • Built-in medical and technology features
  • Meditation room
  • Open visitation
  • Wireless Internet
  • Beautiful meditative garden
  • Child play room
  • Large dining room and living room for families to gather
  • Four seasons sun porch
  • Many original art pieces by South Dakota artists

Common questions and answers

Who will take care of me?

Skilled hospice nurses and patient care technicians are staffed 24 hours per day, to focus on patient physical comfort and well-being. This includes medication administration, personal care, bathing, transfers, meal delivery and additional services.

What can I bring with me to my suite?

Items to personalize your suite: blankets, robe, slippers, clothing, photos, snacks, and other items that are important to you.

What about medications?

All medications will be supplied by Hospice. Please bring a written list of your current meds.

What levels of hospice care are provided?

Acute: This level of care addresses intense pain or other symptoms, such as nausea, severe shortness of breath, or complex medical needs.

Respite: A five day respite care is available under Medicare, Medicaid, and some insurances to provide caregiver relief.

Residential: Some patients choose to reside at the Dougherty Hospice House for extended Hospice care. For this level of Hospice care, generally your insurance will cover medical costs, but you will be billed for daily room and board fees.

How much does room and board cost?

Room and board costs are $320.00 a day. We do accept Medicaid and private funds. A social worker can provide assistance in checking your Hospice benefits and initiating claims for long term and cancer policies.

Will my insurance cover all of my expenses?

Our social work staff will help you explore your current insurance to see if there is Hospice coverage.

How are meals handled and do I have choices?

You may eat in your room or in the dining room. You are given menu options to select a day in advance. There are also snacks available. If you would like guests to join you, please inform the Hospice House staff in advance, as guest meals must be ordered and purchased ahead of time. You are also welcome to bring in food. Each suite has a small refrigerator.

What are visiting hours?

Open visitation is available unless patient or families request additional privacy.

Can I go on outings if I am a patient?

With the exception of Acute Care, outings are encouraged as desired. Please inform the Hospice staff if you are leaving the building.

Are there accommodations for my loved ones?

Families are encouraged to return to their own homes on a regular basis so they can return for a visit refreshed. At times, you may want loved ones to stay near. There is a pull out sofa in each suite. Families may use the bathroom and showers, towels and linens are provided.

Are there accommodations for visitors?

Visitors can stay on campus in nearby guest apartments when available for a fee. There are also hotels nearby. Hotel and restaurant information is available at the front desk, or, you can ask Hospice staff.

How will my religious and spiritual needs get met?

The Hospice Chaplain offers spiritual care and assistance with your individual spiritual needs as well as be a liaison to your local church and provide ecumenical support to the entire family.

How do we take care of laundry?

Personal patient laundry can be done at the Hospice House by staff members.

Is Internet access available?

Complimentary wireless internet access is available.

What is the policy on smoking?

All Avera facilities including the Dougherty Hospice House and its surrounding property are tobacco free environments.

Are pets welcome?

Dogs are welcome at the Dougherty Hospice House for short visits. If you plan to bring your dog, visit with Hospice staff about specific requirements. Due to allergies, cats are not allowed.

Can I receive deliveries (food, flowers, etc.)?

You are welcome to receive mail, packages, newspapers, flowers, plants, mylar balloons, food, etc.



If you have questions or would like to learn more, please call us at 605-322-7705.

    4509 Prince of Peace Place
    PO Box 5045
    Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5045