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Patient perception of pain control WILL directly affect your patient satisfaction scores.

While the overriding goal of pain management is to make sure patients receive the best cares possible, the pressure of the HCAHPS survey means patient communication and education must be a part of the program.

Findings of a John Hopkins study published online (Feb. 16) by the American Journal of Medical Quality support the importance of patient communication. The results showed that patients were more likely to give a higher overall experience score if they perceived that their providers did everything they could to control their pain, regardless of how well the pain was actually controlled.

Avera Education & Staffing Solutions offers the following patient education programs to improve your HCAHPS scores:

Caring for You and Your Recovery

Explains to your patients your commitment to outstanding patient care during their recovery.

Caring for You - Help with Your Pain

Explains to your patients what you are doing to help them with their pain.

Both programs are customized to your facility and available in DVD format that can be played on a television or on a computer.

Contact us for more information or to see a demo.

Read more at "Smart Pain Management Makes Good Business Sense" from H&HN.

May 18, 2015

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