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Celebrating Success

June 3, 2010

Marci Pederson, RN, BSN, Nurse Educator/Consultant, Avera Education & Staffing Solutions

I am grateful to be a part of Avera Education & Staffing Solutions. Today I returned to my office from a nursing home feeling joyful! I have worked with this facility the past three years by providing mock surveys, updating policies and procedures, and assisting with their post-survey plans of correction. This week I had the privilege of being present during their survey to lend support.

This morning the team coordinator for the survey team informed us the exit conference would be brief. He then explained they would not be citing any state tags, and only one federal tag would be cited. It was such a treat to see the smiles on the faces of all the staff when they heard the news. The best part was seeing the smiles on the residents' faces who attended the exit conference. They were pleased as well. Why should I be so excited about this? Last year their survey was a difficult one with an extended survey and more deficiencies cited. Two of the surveyors on this year's team were with the survey team last year, and they both commented on the improvements they saw at the facility compared to a year ago. It has been such a rewarding experience to have helped with this facility's continuous journey in improving the quality of their residents' care.

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Do the math! The facility bottom line improves when resident care continually improves.

As a former health facilities senior surveyor, Marci worked at the Department of Health Office of Licensure and Certification for eight years. Marci provides Survey Preparedness Consulting designed to create a culture of constant survey preparedness by helping staff understand regulatory requirements, not just comply with them.

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Marci Pederson, RN, BSN

Marci Pederson, RN, BSN

As a former health facilities senior surveyor, Marci served a variety of health care facilities. Her experience includes nursing education, medical/surgical nursing, psychiatric nursing, infection control, utilization review and quality assurance.

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