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Avera CNA On-Line

Training Solutions 3.0©

Course Overview


Welcome to Avera CNA On-Line Training Solutions 3.0©

This course is designed to prepare a nursing assistant for employment, and to meet the qualifications for taking the South Dakota nursing assistant certification exam. 

This Program Is Designed To:

  • Help nursing assistants understand their role in the nursing process including legal and ethical implications.
  • Help nursing assistants become knowledgeable to ensure residents’ rights are met.
  • Help nursing assistants expand their skills in interpersonal interactions leading to independence.
  • Help nursing assistants provide safe care including infection control.
  • Provide nursing assistant training focusing on specific skills and tasks while providing a broader understanding on nursing concepts including culture change, customer service, and teamwork.
  • Provide nursing assistant a variety of learning environments designed to fit the unique way each student learns, i.e. on-site classroom style, on-line self-paced style, or a combination of both.

Benefits:                                                                                             Besides specific content to prepare for the nursing assistant certification exam, the program addresses the need for employee retention and quality care. The content is designed to comply with federal and state requirements for nursing assistant training in a variety of health care settings.

For the employee:

  • Reduce stress—by training employees using techniques that enhance positive interactions in the workplace while providing students skills to deal effectively with challenging health care situations.
  • Prepare for testing—by working through content that incorporates the knowledge and skills students will need to successfully pass the exam.
  • Prepare for the future—by exposing students to broader systemic concepts that help bring wisdom and compassion to the workplace.

For the organization:

  • Increase retention—by educating nursing assistants using contemporary teaching/learning methods.
  • Increase creativity and innovation—by encouraging nursing assistants to engage in life-long learning.
  • Improve service—by embedding customer service training in all aspects of nursing assistant training.
  • Inspire passion and engagement—by personalizing the role the nursing assistant plays in caring for patients and residents.

Required Materials for this course that each student will need:

  •   Textbook: The Nursing Assistant: Acute, Subacute and Long-Term Care, Fifth Edition (JoLynn Pulliam, Pearson, 2012)
  •   South Dakota CNA Candidate Handbook
  •   On-line access to Nursing Assistant Training Program Self-Paced Classroom

Optional Training Resources:

  •   Student Workbook for The Nursing Assistant: Acute, Subacute and Long-Term Care, Fifth Edition (JoLynn Pulliam, Pearson, 2012)
  •   CD-ROM accompanying the Textbook: The Nursing Assistant: Acute, Subacute and Long-Term Care, Fifth Edition (JoLynn Pulliam, Pearson, 2012)

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: This self-paced on-line course is divided into three units. Students are guided through the course material via a Course Syllabus and on-line learning prompts. Upon completing each unit, the student must record results for each unit on the Training Documentation Form (75% or greater is required). When Chapters 1–7 and 19 are complete, the student will have met the 16-hour learning requirement that must be completed prior to resident/patient contact while employed in a Long-Term Care Nursing Facility, as required by Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA’87). The Facility’s Supplemental RN will verify the student has met the State of South Dakota’s requirements to work with residents. When the remaining two units are complete, the student will have completed the didactic portion of the Avera CNA On-Line Training Solutions© program. Students shall complete the Final Exam (75% minimum score); results are to be recorded onto the Training Documentation Form and approved by the Supplemental Instructor. Students also will be required to complete an 8-hour skills laboratory which includes demonstration by the instructor and return demonstration. 

Each student is required to complete 16 hours of clinical instruction under the direct guidance of either the Facility’s RN Instructor or Avera Education & Staffing Solutions’ Primary Instructor.

Upon successful completion of the total 75 hours of nursing assistant training, the student is eligible to take the South Dakota State Certification Examination. Each student will be required to complete a computerized knowledge test consisting of 75 randomized questions and then perform five randomly selected skill tasks. Skill steps are identified for each task and a minimum number of steps to be performed. Students will be evaluated on these steps. The purpose of the Skill Test is to assess performance of skills. Students must receive the minimum passing score of at least 75% on the Certification Exam. The Certification Exam may be taken three times and if not passed, an extension may be granted by the Department of Health, depending on individual circumstances. Once passed, student will be placed on the SD Board of Nursing Registry.

COURSE ENHANCEMENTS: Each on-line unit includes a variety of activities including reading, lectures and activities. Activities are designed to reinforce required content and add variety in order to enhance different student learning styles. 

STUDY: Each self-paced on-line learning unit is designed to complement the Textbook: The Nursing Assistant: Acute, Subacute and Long-Term Care, Fifth Edition (JoLynn Pulliam, Pearson, 2012). Students must read the associated textbook chapter and then complete the corresponding chapter presentation and other self-paced learning activities.

OPTIONAL RESOURCES: Additional course supports are available but not required; students may utilize the Student Workbook for The Nursing Assistant: Acute, Subacute and Long-Term Care, Fifth Edition (JoLynn Pulliam, Pearson, 2012) and review the information contained on the CD-ROM accompanying the Textbook: The Nursing Assistant: Acute, Subacute and Long-Term Care, Fifth Edition (JoLynn Pulliam, Pearson, 2012).

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about the Avera CNA On-Line Training Solutions© program, please contact our office:

  • Via e-mail to:
  • Via phone to: (605) 668-8475 or toll-free (888) 860-7211
  • During regular business hours, M – F, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

 A WORD ABOUT COPYRIGHT: All materials are to be used ONLY by participants of the Avera CNA On-Line Training Solutions 3.0© program.

  • The materials and recordings are for educational purposes only. Avera Education & Staffing Solutions and their representatives do not render any legal, medical or professional advice.
  • No portion of this program may be reproduced without prior written permission. This applies to all computer files, documents, and recordings.
  • The accompanying video material is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. Duplication of video content is illegal. IT MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED in any part without prior written permission. Participating in or allowing duplication is prohibited by law.

The video devices are to be used by the organization, which leased or purchased it ONLY. It may not be RESOLD, ALTERED, REVERSE ENGINEERED, LOANED OR RENTED. The video and any on-line recordings may not be used for broadcast, satellite, cable or closed circuit-television.                                                          


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