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Smart Staffing Starts with Avera Education & Staffing Solutions

We pride ourselves on having the highest quality of temporary staff available in the region.

"I really appreciate the exceptional customer service from the staff at Avera Education and Staffing. They are friendly, courteous and work hard at meeting my needs for staff - including my last minute requests."

Lynette Bruening RN, BSN, Director Clinical Support/Staffing, Avera Sacred Heart Hospital


Addressing the unique staffing challenges of a census driven workplace demands the flexibility and skill of an experienced staffing partner, like Avera Education & Staffing Solutions.

Use Avera Education & Staffing Solutions as your staffing partner to:

  • Meet high census demands and staffing shortages.
  • Reduce costs associated with processing payroll and benefit expenses.
  • Avoid costly overtime pay - the amount spent on overtime can end up being much more expensive than using temporary staff.
  • Fill last minute needs due to unexpected absences.
  • Start new projects - when implementing new systems or opening a new unit, plan ahead to ensure adequate coverage.

Staffing Support available 24 hours a day

Dependable, professional and ready to work - now that's smart staffing!

Phone: (605) 668-8475

Fax: (605) 668-8483

After hours: (605) 661-1785