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Published on May 14, 2015

Smarter Hearing Has Arrived

In September 2014, I introduced you to the Made for iPhone® Hearing Aids that made a big splash in our clinic at Avera Medical Group Ear, Nose & Throat Yankton. Well, another splash is on the way as one of the leading hearing aid manufacturing companies, Resound, has introduced another advancement to the hearing aid industry. They have developed the first full family of smart MFI hearing aids called the Resound LiNX2.

To quickly jog your memory, the first generation of Resound LiNX instruments allowed wearers to directly control their hearing aids by simply using their smartphone. Resound has built on that concept to provide wearers even more options and features to maximize their listening performance.

With the LiNX2 instruments, individuals are getting the fastest, wireless 2.4 GHz computer chip, allowing for the most true-to-life, effortless hearing. With a broader range of models and price levels, there are options essentially for everyone, including individuals who prefer custom-molded hearing aids. The LiNX2 instruments are developed with durable, high quality materials that are nanotech protected to withstand the potential damage from some of the most hazardous elements, such as water, sweat, ear wax and dirt.

Resound has also introduced the concept of Spatial SenseTM to help wearers gain the most vivid sense of their sound surroundings. By using the updated Smart App, LiNX2 wearers can develop their own customized audio settings for those challenging listening environments, especially speech in noise and the windy outdoors. LiNX2 wearers can still stream music as well as phone and FaceTime calls directly to their hearing aids.

Finally, the Resound LiNX2 instruments now incorporate a fully integrated tinnitus management system as well. The Resound Relief App provides wearers with a built-in tinnitus therapy sound generator, allowing wearers to play audio exercises or soothing soundscapes.

By combining all these features, Resound has finally provided patients the most accessible and affordable care tools for individuals with any degree of hearing and tinnitus difficulties.

In today’s world, technology continues to be at the forefront of how we stay connected with our family and friends. The new Resound LiNX2 allows individuals with hearing loss to keep pace with their hearing peers. Don’t let your hearing loss get in your way. It’s time to reconnect with the hearing world!

If you are interested in learning more about the Resound LiNX2 instruments or would like to experience these instruments firsthand, please contact our office at 605-665-6820 to schedule a consultation.

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