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Published on April 26, 2015

Creating a Plan for Success: Off-Season Ball Handling and Shooting

Basketball is a skilled sport. If you only pick up a basketball during the season, you risk falling behind the players you compete against. This doesn’t mean that you can’t play other sports, but you must continue to work on your skills year round. What you do in the off-season has a great impact on the success of your upcoming season on the basketball court.

All athletes will reach a point when they compete against someone that is more athletic than them. At this point, it is the efforts you have put into developing your individual basketball skills that will allow you to compete and set you apart from other players.

Ball handling and shooting are probably the two most practiced individual skill sets in basketball. In fact, all you need is a basketball and you can practice many of these skills even without a court!

Warwick Workouts ball-handling series include:

  • Stationary ball handling
  • Ball handling on the move
  • Two ball-dribble series

These series help athletes of all ages improve the skill set of ball handling. All of the ball-handing drills and routines that athletes learn at Warwick Workouts can be and are encouraged to be incorporated into athletes’ off-season workout plan and shouldn’t be something they do only at a workout or in practice.

NBA greats like Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry or Derrik Rose didn’t just wake-up with the talent of being good ball handlers. They worked at it! They got creative and had fun with it. When you can handle the basketball, the game becomes easier and more fun for you as a player.

This off-season, spend some time each day working to improve your ball-handling skills.

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