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Art in Healing at Avera Behavioral Health

  Avera Behavioral Health Center provides excellent care through passionate staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and the latest treatment methods. Our dedication to guiding the future of behavioral health care has led to innovative treatment methods including the use of art for healing purposes.

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Meet the Artists!

Avera Behavioral Health Patients Blessed by Visits from Musicians

Musicians and bands visit Avera Behavioral Health Center to play faith-based music for patients. Music - and the arts in general - is used as a healing tool during care.

Behavioral Health staff coordinate with a variety of bands through various organizations including LifeLight. Experiencing live music and and positive messaging from the musicians benefits our patients during their care.

  • Jeremy Vanderloop performs
  • Phil Joel visits Avera Behavioral Health
  • Musicians from the band Lybecker perform
  • Josiah James performs
  • Dakota Sky performers
  • Casting Crowns and Matthew West Visit
  • Matthew West visits ABHC
  • Reilly visits ABHC
  • Chris August Labor Day Visit
  • Everyday Sunday and DJ Steve Wade
  • Phil Joel visiting Avera Behavioral Health Center to play for patients
  • Kari Jobe's band performs at ABHC
  • Jim Woster visits the ABHC
  • The Willet band playing at Avera Behavioral Health during a Christmas Tour
  • Big Red Rawkit Riot signs the wall at ABHC after playing
  • Joshua Brown and LifeLight donated this guitar for patient use
  • Anna Tyutyunnyk of the Moscow Ballet performs at the ABHC
  • Aaron Shust and Meredith Andrews performing
  • Becky Tau reads Little Ele-Funny to patients
  • Mike Powell, world record long jump holder, poses at the wall
  • Dance and Cheer Students

    Other Visiting Guests

    Kaps 4 KidsKaps 4 Kids

    The United States Submarine Veterans "Kaps 4 Kids" program visited the kids in the child program. Retired Servicemen that served on submarines shared words of encouragement.

    The kids also had opportunity to ask questions regarding serving on a submarine. Each child received a cap and an Honorary Submariner Certificate. A special thank you to the Veterans!

    navy seal - dave

    Former Navy Seal Medic, Dave Rutherford

    Dave Rutherford stopped by the Avera Behavioral Health Center to visit with the kids from the Child and Adolescent Program. He gave a powerful message of a having a positive attitude and self confidence.

    O'Gorman and Brandon Valley Dance and Cheer Members Visit

    Learn more about the Cheer member visit.


      Thank you to everyone who volunteered at the LifeLight Festival and to those artists who visited us to help convey the healing message of music to people receiving care at Avera.

      Avera Behavioral Health Center Proudly Welcomes LifeLight Artists

      Avera is a proud official sponsor of the LifeLight Music Festival. In addition, many Avera Behavioral Health employees volunteer their personal time at the LifeLight event each year. The foundation of this relationship is built on our belief that the arts are an important part of healing. Click on "Meet the Artists!" to learn more.

      Visit to learn more about LifeLight.

      • The ABHC performance stage
      • a staff puppet show on stage
      • a staff member plays the guitar

      The Avera Behavioral Health Center Performance Stage!

      Staff and patients are able to take part in and view performances in a number of locations. Our gymnasium is used for some performances while our hand-crafted stage is used for other art and performance activities.

      The stage is used for music sessions, puppet shows, plays and a variety of other methods of incorporating the arts in our programs.