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Inpatient Units at Avera Behavioral Health Center

Avera Behavioral Health Center focuses on the treatment and healing of patients with a variety of behavioral health conditions. Our expert staff and state-of-the-art facility focuses on behavioral health treatment for:


Our short term program is designed to assess, evaluate, and treat behavioral health issues, and to provide education and recommendations to patients and families. Our child unit has 14 beds, adolescent unit has 26 beds. Learn more »


Our program is designed to assess, evaluate and treat behavioral health issues that may affect mind, body, or spirit. We have two short term adult programs separated by acuity for safety and therapeutic programming. Adult B has 28 beds, Adult A has 26 beds. Learn more »


The Senior Program at Avera Behavioral Health has 16 beds to provide short-term inpatient care to help older patients that have cognitive changes or mental health concerns. The environment is calm and soothing with safety and security in mind. Learn more »

A Typical Day at Avera Behavioral Health Center

Our unique, effective approach to care includes daily schedules unique to the needs of different patients. You can view sample weekly schedules by choosing a version below or keep reading to learn more about daily activities.

  • View an example of our weekly child patient schedule
  • View an example of our weekly adolescent patient schedule
  • Physical activity and time in our gym facilities and the outdoors
  • Outdoor playground with sensory integration play - specifically for children
  • Group therapy
  • One-to-one time with psychologists
  • Self-analysis and coping strategy sessions
  • Family meetings
  • Daily goals
  • Expressive therapy (art, music, recreational therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy: an evidence-based approach where patients use problem-solving techniques to develop coping skills and adjust moods/behaviors)
  • Outpatient program for treatment-resistant depression - specifically for adults
  • Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT)

Avera Medical Minute: TMS Therapy

Watch Dr. Matt Stanley and a patient discuss TMS Therapy.

National Institute of Mental Health Outreach Partnership Program

View updates regarding our partnership program and other available resources.