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Avera Medical Group
University Psychiatry Associates

Our experts provide evaluation and treatment for psychiatric and psychological services for children, adolescents and adults.

We also offer individual, group, couple and family therapy, as well as psychological testing and medication management.

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  • Kent Andre, MD
  • David Bean, MD
  • Michael Bergan, MD
  • Vinod Bhatara, MD
  • Heather Chester-Adam, MD
  • Nicole Christenson, MD 
  • Candice Cummings, MSW, CSW, PIP
  • John Erpenbach, RN, CNP
  • Sarah Flynn, MD
  • William Fuller, MD
  • Bryce Gammeter, MD
  • Beverly Gunderson, EdD
  • Christopher Hanley, MD
  • Hillary Hanson, MD
  • Ken Hasseler, PhD
  • Tracee Hofer, CNP
  • Tomas Holtberg, LPC
  • David Hylland, EdD
  • Wallace Jackmon, PhD
  • Saurabh Jauhari, MD
  • Garneth Kuiper, CNP
  • Carol Kuntz, PsyD
  • Grace LaFollette, BC
  • Matthew Malone, DO
  • Wioleta Mazurczak, MD
  • Brenda Nour, PhD 
  • Karl Oehlke, PA-C
  • Meredith Powell, MD
  • Michael Reiners, MD
  • Timothy Soundy, MD
  • Melissa Spanggaard, DO
  • Constance Spicero, EdD
  • Matthew Stanley, DO
  • Anthony Vaca, MD
  • Shawn VanGerpen, MD
  • Tamara Vik, MD
  • Jay Weatherill, MD
  • David Whaley, MD
  • Nancy Wilson, MD

Contact Us

4400 West 69th Street
Suite 1500
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Avera Medical Minute: TMS Therapy

Watch Dr. Matt Stanley and a patient discuss TMS Therapy.

National Institute of Mental Health Outreach Partnership Program

View updates regarding our partnership program and other available resources.