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Treating Childhood Behavioral Health Conditions

For Real Results, Look no further

"We had no other places to reach out to and Avera kind of fell in our lap. It was a good thing. Rhonda was able to reach our son and that was amazing. God bless your work and we thank you!"

Our Unique Commitment to Patients and Families

Our high staff-to-patient ratio ensures many opportunities for interaction with our highly-trained and educated professionals.

Our cafe features a customized menu offering restaurant-quality choices.

On-site pharmaceutical doctors are available to discuss medication types and dosages with patients and families.

Learn more about how we offer better healing through personalized attention.

Temper tantrums. Acting out. Battles of the will. Every parent knows that these are normal parts of raising children. But what do you do when you notice your child consistently behaving in a way that causes you deep, lasting concern? Where do you go when you can feel your child drifting away and you've tried everything in your power to bring your family back together?

Look no further than Avera Behavioral Health. Children often require unique behavioral health treatment. Our programs include specific treatment and support for young patients. Avera Behavioral Health even has a dedicated wing for childhood behavioral health patients.

Parenting tips for parents of children and adolescents.

Are you concerned your child may have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

Read more about this condition including how to recognize the symptoms and how our professionals can help »

Behavioral Condition and Treatment Information

Personalized Care

Young patients require unique behavioral health treatment. Within our dedicated wing for children, your child will receive personal attention and care, and experience specially-tailored healing designed to meet the needs posed by his or her specific situation.

Research-Driven Methods

Your child deserves the best in life. Combining cutting-edge technology and the latest treatment options with a compassionate, personalized approach means your child gets the best at Avera Behavioral Health Center.

Proven Outcomes

What you really want to know is: will my child's mental health improve? While we cannot guarantee positive outcomes in every case, our patients have ranked Avera Behavioral Health Center in the top 10% nationwide in terms of overall satisfaction.

You've tried the rest. It's time for real results. Look no further than Avera Behavioral Health Center.