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Addiction Recovery Program

Facilities that offer this program

Avera Behavioral Health Outpatient Services Sioux Falls

The Addiction Recovery Program provides comprehensive assessment services, individualized treatment planning and supportive therapy for individuals, couples or families affected by substance abuse and/or compulsive gambling. Our professional and experienced staff also is skilled in assisting clients who have interrelated emotional difficulties and co-occurring mental health conditions. This multi-level program is designed to tailor recovery services to each individual’s overall situation.

Addiction Recovery Programs

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The IOP is an ASAM 2.1 Level of Care/Primary Treatment process that involves three weekly group therapy sessions and weekly individual and/or couples counseling. A minimum commitment of 6 – 8 weeks is typically required for this comprehensive, intensive outpatient treatment process. Daytime or evening IOP options are available.

Early Intervention Group

The Early Intervention Group is an ASAM 1.0 Level of Care designed to help participants gain insight about substance abuse, addiction and recovery-related concepts. The Early Intervention Group combines a weekly, two-hour group therapy session with weekly to bi-weekly individual counseling services. A minimum commitment of 6 – 8 weeks is typically required in this level of care. Daytime or evening EIG options are available.

Relapse Prevention Group 1

The Relapse Prevention Group 1 is designed for individuals who have completed primary treatment and achieved stability in early recovery. This group program is focused on helping clients cope with personal issues while safeguarding the gains they have made relative to relapse prevention. This level of care includes a bi-weekly, two-hour group therapy session in conjunction with weekly to monthly individual and/or couples counseling services. A minimum initial commitment of six RPG1 sessions is required although many clients find this program helpful for an extended duration. Daytime or evening RPG1 options are available.

Other Specialized Services

Pain Management Groups (PMG 1 and 2)

Our Pain Management Groups are structured group therapy programs designed to assist individuals seeking psycho-educational programming, improved skill development and therapeutic support relative to their pain management situation. Medication and substance use issues as well as mental health-related concerns are addressed in this unique and specialized program.

The Pain Management Group involves weekly (PMG1) or bi-weekly (PMG2) therapy sessions. A minimum initial eight-week commitment is required in both of these programs. Individual and/or family-related counseling services are provided to PMG clients on a minimum monthly basis, and an initial intake session is required prior to any PMG attendance. Biofeedback treatment services also are offered when appropriate.

Professional Services

Within the Addiction Recovery Program, we offer specialized assistance to health care/licensed professionals who are experiencing the adverse affects from a substance abuse or addiction-related condition. We are available to assist the professional with the level of expertise warranted for his or her behavioral health needs that may also involve career preservation and/or career restoration issues.

Compulsive Gambling Services

Within the Addiction Recovery Program, comprehensive evaluation and treatment assistance is available for people affected by compulsive gambling related problems. We offer individual, couple and family counseling, as well as group therapy services. Treatment assistance also is available for co-occurring mental health conditions related to problem-gambling behavior.