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Counseling and Therapy


Counseling can benefit a marriage by working through differences and learning how to stop repeating dysfunctional patterns.


Grief can affect your life and loved ones in many ways. These programs use therapy to help you through the process with group discussion and formal learning experiences. Learn more about our grief program »


Family therapy works to nourish and development relationships within the familial unit. The focus is on communication and the role family relationships can play in each member’s mental health.


The teenage years include many developmental milestones that can be difficult. Therapy for teens focuses on interpersonal relationships with both family members and peers to allow them to grown and develop into healthy adults.


Depression comes in many forms but is also highly treatable with therapy. If you are experiencing depression you may have difficulty dealing with stress, feel helpless or alone or generally down.


Symptoms of anxiety disorders can include panic attacks, obsessive thoughts, phobia or unrelenting worries. These are issues that can be addressed with therapy by providing coping skills for situations that cause stress.