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How to Choose Senior Living Options

Choosing senior living options for yourself or a loved one is a major step, and you want to make certain that the choice best matches needs. has made it easier to consider different facilities. You are able to compare ratings of different facilities and see their ratings, as given by CMS. Click here to help start your search.

Consider the following when choosing from the range of services at Avera Brady Health and Rehab.

Bishop Hoch Villa - Independent Living

Bishop Hoch Villa is the likely option for persons seeking a senior-living option who are capable of living alone and do not require nursing care or supervision of activities of daily living.

Avera Brady Assisted Living

Avera Brady Assisted Living maybe a good choice for person requiring help with two or more activities of daily living if they are able to manage elimination cares, self-ambulate, dress with minimal assistance, eat on their own, and successfully complete a mental and functional assessment.

Avera Brady Health and Rehab

Avera Brady Health and Rehab long-term care services are th best option for persons requiring greater levels of care.