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Cancer Outcome Reporting for the Avera Cancer Institute

When deciding where to receive your cancer treatment, you want a program that is nationally accredited and even exceeds the average national outcomes in cancer care. The Avera Cancer Institute offers that program. We have published our outcomes in cancer care for your review.

Breast Cancer

Breast Multi-Agent Chemotherapy 2013

Combination chemotherapy is considered or administered within four months (120 days) of diagnosis for women under 70 with AJCC T1cNOMO, or stage II or III hormone receptor negative breast cancer.

Breast Conserving Surgery with Radiation Therapy 2013

Radiation therapy is administered within one year (365 days) of diagnosis to women under age 70 receiving breast conserving surgery for breast cancer.

Breast HT/AI 2013

Tamoxifen, or third generation aromatase inhibitor, is considered or administered within one year (365 days) of diagnosis for women with AJCC T1cNOMO, or stage II or III hormone receptor positive breast cancer.

Colon/Rectal Cancer

Rectum Cancer with Adjuvant Radiation Therapy 2013

Radiation therapy is considered or administered within six months (180 days) of diagnosis for patients under the age of 80 with clinical or pathologic AJCC T4NOMO or stage III receiving surgical resection for rectal cancer.

Colon with at Least 12 Regional Lymph Nodes 2013

At least 12 regional lymph nodes are removed and pathologically examined for resected colon cancer.

Colon with Adjuvant Chemotherapy 2013

Adjuvant chemotherapy is considered or administered within four months (120 days) of diagnosis for patients under the age of 80 with AJCC stage III (lymph node positive) colon cancer.

Additional Cancer Outcomes

Comprehensive Care

Avera Cancer Institute Sioux Falls provides a comprehensive team of specialists who can handle every aspect of your care, both physical and mental, all working together for you.

Breast Care

Patients have a wide variety of treatment options and support services at Avera Cancer Institute from the time of diagnosis to survivorship.

Digestive Care

The Avera Digestive Disease Institute has a multidisciplinary team working together to best treat complex issues of the digestive tract. What’s more, our providers have an array of new technology at their fingertips.

Lung Care

Avera Cancer Institute is treating a growing number of lung cancers, particularly in earlier diagnosed Stages 1 and 2. Your team will consist of a range of specialists who can help you at every step of your treatment and into survivorship.

Hematology Care

The Avera Transplant Institute in cooperation with the Avera Cancer Institute is home to South Dakota’s only physicians dedicated to benign and malignant hematology and bone marrow transplant. The program participates in national and international clinical trials and our physicians are leading the way with new research.

Gynecologic Oncology

Our team specializes in cancers of the female reproductive system with training in the latest treatment options. They’re working with a team of specialists to ensure the best outcome for you.

Radiation Oncology

The Radiation Oncology team uses ionizing radiation to kill cancer cells and stop their spread using a variety of therapy options.

Cancer Research

Avera is working to offer patients the latest treatment options through dozens of national clinical trials while also furthering new prevention, diagnosis and treatment strategies.


A number of genetic tests are available that could benefit patients by either confirming the need to proactively prevent and screen for cancer or rule out the need for more extensive screening.

Integrative Medicine

Avera’s Integrative Medicine program works to provide therapies that complement traditional cancer treatment. These therapies can help patients cope with side effects.

The use of robotic surgery has increased in past years for the treatment of prostate cancer.

The Rapid Quality Reporting System (RQRS) promotes and facilitates evidence-based care for patients at Commission on Cancer-accredited programs by actively monitoring and assessing with compliance to four National Quality Forum-endorsed measures and two surveillance measures of cancer care for breast and colorectal cancer patients in real clinical time.*