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For Jim Woster, Early Detection of Prostate Cancer Was Key to Successful Treatment

Jim Woster

As Jim Woster of Sioux Falls looks back on his successful treatment for prostate cancer, he credits his doctors for catching it, and treating it early. “It all goes back to the doctors who pushed me pretty hard to find out what was going on,” Jim said. “If cancer spreads, it’s a difficult battle. It’s one you can win, but it’s also one you can lose.”

When his PSA kept climbing, a routine biopsy was ordered, but it was not conclusive. His doctor ordered a more extensive biopsy through an outpatient procedure, and a malignancy was found.

“I really wasn’t afraid,” Woster said, as he and his wife discussed options with his urologist. “I discussed it over more than one cup of coffee with my good friend, Deb Soholt,” Jim added. Deb is a registered nurse and was co-host with Jim on the radio show Housecalls for a number of years.

“My cancer was caught very early, so I had more than one option,” Jim said. Those options included traditional surgery, called prostatectomy, robotic surgery, radiation therapy or brachytherapy, which involves the placement of a radioactive seed at the tumor site.

Jim opted for robotic surgery. The precision of robotics reduces surgical trauma, thus reducing post-surgical pain and blood loss. “Our kids weren’t coming home for Christmas that year, so I had my surgery just before Christmas. Eleven days later, on Christmas Eve, I was out walking my daughter’s dog for two miles.”

A few years later, “everything is just great,” Jim says. He continues his active lifestyle, including his role as volunteer and friend of Avera McKennan.