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During Your Child's Hospital Stay

Although you may plan to stay with your child throughout his hospitalization, there may be times when you must be away. These suggestions may be helpful in reducing your child's fear of being away from you.

  • When you have to leave the hospital, tell your child why and that you will return. Return on time because he may be watching the clock. While you're away, have mini-visits on the phone.
  • At home, remember to keep brothers and sisters updated. They'll be worried about their sibling and may feel a little lost in the shuffle.
  • Stay with your child, if possible. Separation is difficult, and a parent's presence is comforting and healing.
  • Let your child keep his favorite security object such as a blanket, teddy bear or pacifier.
  • Bring pictures of the family to put at your child's bedside.
  • It is important to let your child express her feelings.
  • Listen to your child.
  • Let your child know it's okay to feel frightened or angry.

Consult the Child Life Specialist if you are concerned about your child's reaction to hospitalization.

Parents Items to Bring

What Mom and Dad should bring to the hospital:

  • A toothbrush and toothpaste, pajamas, slippers and robe, for yourself and your child.
  • A few favorite things (such as games, toys, stuffed animals).
  • School work or books.
  • Comfortable clothes and toilet articles for parents rooming in.

Classes & Education

We offer a wide range of parent and family education classes including topics like temperament, positive discipline and potty training.

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