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Avera Children's Hospital

1325 S. Cliff Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57117
605-322-KIDS or 888-315-3666

Programs and Classes

Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center offers a variety of classes and programs for parents, families, teenagers, schools and professionals.


  • Babysitter Training
    Boys and girls ages 10-13 can learn the basics of babysitting.
  • Babysitter Tool Kit
    Boys and girls ages 10-13 learn ideas for babysitting activities, snacks and games.
  • Childcare Training
    Child care professionals can attend training days or customized, on-site training.
  • Children's Tours of the Hospital
    Schools and preschools can take an educational tour of the hospital.

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Temperament Project

Nine traits define your child’s temperament and approach to life, making him or her as unique as a snowflake. Understanding those traits can help you match the parenting techniques that will work best with your child. The Temperament Project, a free, confidential program designed to help you learn more about your child’s unique temperament, is made possible by the Sioux Empire United Way and Avera McKennan.

Temperament Questionnaire
If your baby was born at Avera McKennan, you’ll receive an invitation to participate when your baby is about nine months old. Complete the questionnaire and you’ll receive a confidential temperament profile, a graph that represents your child’s temperament and helpful information to guide you. A temperament profile can be done at any age or even more than once if you notice temperament changes in your child as he or she gets older.

Certified Family Life Educators

Kids can be baffling but our Certified Family Life Educators are here to help. Family Life Education can provide the information you need to get through every stage of parenthood, even the dreaded teenage years. To visit with a Certified Family Life Educator contact the Family Life Education Office at 605-322-3660 or email

You can find more information in our educational resources section.

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