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programs & classesCertified Family Life Educators

Kids can be baffling but the Certified Family Life Educators at Avera McKennan are here to help. Family life education can provide the information you need to get through every stage of parenthood, even the dreaded teenage years.

For more parenting information or to visit with a Certified Family Life Educator in a personal consultation, contact the Family Life Education Office at 605-322-3660.

Online Parenting Information

View developmental newsletters for infants and toddlers and tackle issues ranging from behavior to safety and nutrition. Learn more at the parenting resources section. Learn more at the parenting resources section.

Cooperative Parenting in Divorce

This unique program is designed to help parents minimize the harmful effects of divorce on their children.

The Temperament Project

To learn more about your child's unique temperament, call 605-322-3660 to request a temperament questionnaire.

Let's Talk Puberty Education Program

Girls ages 10-13 and their parents can learn about the changes of puberty.

Babysitter Training

Boys and girls ages 10-13 can learn the basics of babysitting.

Children's Tours of the Hospital

Schools and preschools can take an educational tour of the hospital.

Childcare Training

Home and center-based child care professionals can attend Saturday training days. Customized, on-site training also is available.

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