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Avera Children's Champion

The Avera Children's Champion award recognizes how young patients not only cope with their illness or injury, but how they overcome obstacles with patience, courage, strength and even joy.

Our Current Avera Children's Champion

Congratulations to Madison (Madi) for becoming our newest Avera Children's Champion. Madi came to Avera Children's Pediatric Unit with abdominal pain. After several tests and procedures, it was discovered that Madi's appendix had ruptured along with some other issues. During Madi's hospitalization, she had to be poked numerous times for labs and IV's, several trips for CT scans & x-rays and even a major surgery. Never once did she complain.

She always followed the nurse's directions when asked to do something. She is a bright young girl with an amazing smile and the cutest freckles. Madi was encouraged to complete several walks throughout the hospitalization while receiving prizes after meeting her walking goals. She had a great attitude and showed great strength during her recovery process. She also enjoyed spending time with the Child Life Specialists in the playroom as she completed therapeutic activities such as syringe painting and shaving cream painting with a friend. Madi has been a great patient to care for and we are excited to have her as one of our Avera Champions!

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