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Avera Children's Champion

The Avera Children's Champion award recognizes how young patients not only cope with their illness or injury, but how they overcome obstacles with patience, courage, strength and even joy.

Our Current Avera Children's Champion

Congratulations Howie for being named Avera Children’s Champion. Howie’s a seven-year-old boy who came to Avera Children’s as an outpatient for a procedure with, Dr. Nanton our Pediatric Gastroenterologist. After the results of his procedure, Dr. Nanton wanted to start Howie on different medications along with resting his tummy. He was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.

Howie was thinking he would only have to be here for an outpatient procedure and ended up staying at Avera Children’s for two weeks. Howie displayed bravery along with an amazing attitude throughout his hospitalization even when he had to rest his tummy and couldn’t eat his favorite goodies. Howie would use his IV pole like a scooter and push it down the hall. He made his stay fun and joy able as best as he could by stating his medications were his “mountain dew & milk.”

Howie was always so cheerful to staff and loved playing games and going to the pond to see the ducks. He liked having his temp taken between his two missing front teeth. Silly Howie! Howie never once complained about being in the hospital or missing his last day of school or not having anything to eat. Howie had a great support system with his parents and brother, along with many family and friends who would come visit. Congrats Howie!! You made our lives brighter each day with your silly jokes and smiles!

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