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Avera Children's Champion

The Avera Children's Champion award recognizes how young patients not only cope with their illness or injury, but how they overcome obstacles with patience, courage, strength and even joy.

Our Current Avera Children's Champion

A BIG congratulations goes out to six year old Peyton as the new Avera Children’s Champion. He was admitted to the Pediatric ICU following a motor vehicle accident which left him with numerous injuries including a broken leg, limiting his ability to move. Peyton was intubated for a long period of time before he began using a bipap, but learned how to communicate when given choices and pushed through his various frustrations with strength and perseverance.

Peyton has shown incredible bravery throughout his stay and melts everyone’s hearts when he flashes a smile. Many people come out of Peyton’s room a whole lot smarter because he has a love for sharks and teaches them new facts about them each time he reads and works on his shark activity book. He also gets a kick out of staff singing and dancing to the movie Frozen anytime he watches it.

It’s safe to say that Peyton has definitely been through some serious ups and downs during his time at Avera Children’s but his strength and bravery have not gone unnoticed. Congratulations on being named Avera Children’s Champion of the month, Peyton! We are proud of you!

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