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Avera Children's Champion

The Avera Children's Champion award recognizes how young patients not only cope with their illness or injury, but how they overcome obstacles with patience, courage, strength and even joy.

Our Current Avera Children's Champion

RykerCongratulations to Ryker for becoming Avera Children’s Champion! Ryker was diagnosis with Acute Disseminated Encephalameyelitis (ADEM) early on in life and comes to Avera Children’s every four weeks to receive infusions. When Ryker arrives on the unit for his infusions he always greets you with a big smile and a hug along with his “let’s have some fun” attitude. Each time Ryker receives his infusion he needs an IV started and he is a true champion when it comes time for the IV start.

Ryker knows how to use his charm with all the nursing and Child Life staff to gets the special perks such as the I-pad for distraction and putting on his “magic cream” to help numb the poke.  Throughout Ryker’s infusions he likes to play with play-doh, create messy art with paint and enjoys watching his favorite movie “Frozen” over and over. Ryker is a true champion and melts our hearts! Way to go Ryker!

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