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Avera Children's Champion

The Avera Children's Champion award recognizes how young patients not only cope with their illness or injury, but how they overcome obstacles with patience, courage, strength and even joy.

Our Current Avera Children's Champion

EveCongratulations to Eve on becoming Avera Children’s Champion. Eve is a 6 year old little girl who was recently adopted from Liberia into a loving family. While living in Liberia, Eve was hospitalized due to an incident which led her to become very sick. Shortly after coming to the United States, Eve came to Avera Children’s to receive medical treatment each week as an outpatient for multiple tests, scans, and procedures. Child Life Specialists have been able to provide a trusting relationship with Eve while being present for each test.

Each procedure has had its challenges but Eve has shown how brave and strong she is. Each time Eve has come for a procedure, Child Life educated her so she understood the step-by-step process; now she is showing the Child Life Specialist how it’s done! As Eve waits for procedures she loves to play the ‘cupcake’ game on the I-pad and play with the Child Life Specialists. Leah, Certified Child Life Specialist states, "Hands down, Eve is the bravest and most strong willed little girl that I have ever met. It’s been a privilege to be able to make a special connection with Eve and her family each time they come." Eve has been through a lot in her life. But with loving parents and siblings supporting her at home she has taken great strides. Her big smile and giggles will make anyone’s day just a little bit better. Congratulations Eve - you're a Rock Star!!

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