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Pediatric Foot Care

Pediatric Flatfoot

Symptomatic pediatric flatfoot can be very debilitating and can lead to serious future problems if ignored. One simple option is to perform subtalar arthroereisis surgery. Subtalar arthroereisis is an implant that is inserted into the sinus tarsi of the rearfoot and acts as a block to the excessive anterior and inferior displacement of the talus. This allows normal subtalar joint motion and blocks excessive pronation. The surgical placement does not require the resection of any cartilage or bone and is, therefore, relatively non-invasive and the implant may be removed if necessary.


When recognized at birth, clubfoot can be easily treated. Gentle manipulation, serial castings and surgical tendon releases are used for this treatment which is known as the Ponseti technique. If left untreated, clubfoot becomes a rigid deformity requiring more invasive surgeries to correct the out-of-position structures of the foot and ankle.

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