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Avera Brain & Spine Institute

Plaza 2
1301 S. Cliff Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57105
(605) 322-7270

Deep Brain Stimulation

How can deep brain stimulation help?

Deep brain stimulation can transform the lives of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease or essential tremor. This safe and effective surgical procedure helps manage some of the most disabling motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor, enabling people who suffer some of these disorders to live and work longer.

How it works

Deep brain stimulation uses a surgically implanted medical device, called a neurostimulator and similar to a cardiac pacemaker, to deliver carefully controlled electrical stimulation to precisely targeted areas in the brain. It works by electrically stimulating specific structures that control movement and muscle function. The stimulation can be programmed and adjusted non-invasively by the clinician to help maximize symptom control and minimize side effects.

Patient selection

One of the most critical factors of success is selecting the right patients for deep brain stimulation. It also is important to ensure patients are fully aware of the risk and benefits, the surgical procedure, follow-up requirements, and self-care responsibilities.

Patient selection for Parkinson’s disease:

  • Patients should have symptoms of advanced levodopa responsive Parkinson’s disease not adequately controlled by medications.
  • Patients should be suitable candidates for stereotactic neurosurgery.
  • Patients should not have any underlying symptoms of dementia.

Patient selection for essential tremor:

  • Patients should have a disabling tremor of the upper extremity due to essential tremor or Parkinson’s disease.
  • The tremor should constitute a significant functional disability.
  • The tremor should be hard to manage with pharmacological therapies.
  • Patients should be suitable candidates for stereotactic neurosurgery.

Clinic team

Henk KlopperDr. Henk Klopper,

Carol KuntzDr. Carol Kuntz,

William Rossing, MDDr. William Rossing,

Denise Boraas, CNPDenise Boraas,
Certified Nurse Practitioner

The team also includes a social worker, physical therapist and financial coordinator to assist patients.

To learn more about the Deep Brain Stimulation Clinic, please call 605-322-7270.