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Learning Disabilities and Vision

Children with learning disabilities often struggle with learning to read, write, spell and comprehend the written word. Learning disabilities affect children of all races and genders. Many kids have normal or above normal intelligence levels and excel in other areas, leaving frustrated parents searching for answers.

The eyes really have a minimal role in learning disabilities in children. Recent research has shown that learning disabilities such as dyslexia are caused by abnormalities in language processing centers in the brain and are not linked to vision. Children with learning disabilities do not have a higher tendency toward eye problems, which are never the primary cause of these disabilities.

Educational support from teachers and tutors with specific training in dealing with learning disabilities is the best treatment. If a specific disability can be identified, educational modifications can be made inside the classroom and at home to facilitate learning. Vision therapy or vision training is not recommended for the treatment of learning disabilities or to increase reading performance.

Children with suspected learning disabilities should have a complete dilated eye exam to rule out refractive error or eye misalignment that can further hinder learning.

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