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Avera Medical Group Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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Avera Medical Group
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

After a patient has suffered from a debilitating condition such as a stroke or spinal cord injury, transitioning into everyday life can often be a daunting prospect. Tasks such as walking, dressing and eating become challenging lessons in relearning.

To make the most complete recovery possible, it is important to have an expert you can trust guiding your course of rehabilitation and recovery.

The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialists at the Avera Neuroscience Institute are specially-trained to do just that—to help you recover from your physical impairment and get back to living life on your terms. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialists usually serve patients in three primary capacities:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and pain syndromes-from traumatic injuries to surgical recovery to sports and/or work injuries to arthritis or low back pain
  • Electrodiagnostic medicine-procedures used for evaluation of various neurological disorders
  • Rehabilitation of patients with severe impairments-your Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialist will oversee a team of rehabilitation professionals including physical therapists, occupational therapists, recreational therapists, nurses, psychologists, social workers, speech-language pathologists and others
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