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What to Bring to the Hospital During Your Pregnancy

You may want to pack a separate bag for labor and one for your post-partum stay. Your support partner may also want a small bag packed with necessary items if they plan to stay at the hospital for a period of time. It is also important for mom to bring a post-partum bag with items she will need for the time following the birth. Here are some tips for what to bring with!

Mom's Labor Bag
Your own pillow Lotions & massage tools
Music for relaxation Focal point pictures
Lip Balm Toothbrush & paste
Socks Suckers
Support Person's Bag
Change of clothes Camera & Film
Toothbrush & paste Change for Vending Machine
Quick energy snacks Email addresses of friends and family
Post Partum Stay Bag for Mom
Slippers & bathrobe Clothes for baby to wear home
Pajamas or comfy clothes Car seat
Loose clothing Baby book (handprints, visitors, etc.)

If you bring the email addresses of family members and loved ones, you can send them pictures of your new baby by using our e-nnouncements system, with a digital camera and computer located conveniently in the Women's Center!

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