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Exercise, Nutrition & Weight During Pregnancy

Staying healthy during your pregnancy holds many benefits for you and your baby. Keep reading to learn some ways to stay fit and healthy while pregnant.

Benefits of Exercise

Keeping a regular exercise routine while pregnant can help you feel less tired, reduce swelling, ease morning sickness and even shorten the time you are in labor. Here are some helpful exercise tips:

  • Visit with your doctor or midwife before beginning an exercise plan to ensure the activity will be safe for you and your baby
  • If an exercise makes you feel very tired or hot, choose one that is less strenuous
  • Drink lots of water
  • Pay attention to your body. If you feel pain, have any vaginal bleeding or run out of breath, stop the exercise
  • Walking is one of the best exercises for pregnant women. Try to take a walk every day
  • Water exercise is very beneficial since the buoyancy of the water helps support the abdomen and decreases stress on joints

Nutrition During Pregnancy

Proper nutrition during your pregnancy plays a vital role in the health of your baby. What you eat while pregnant directly affects your baby's development. The proper snacks can add nutrients to your diet and can help your baby be healthier too.

Healthy Pregnancy Snacks
Bran flakes or other high-fiber cereals Raw vegetables
Milkshake (skim milk and fruit) Pretzels
Cracker with peanut butter Light microwave popcorn
Fruit (dried, fresh or juice) Frozen Yogurt

Most pregnant women should gain between 20-30 pounds during pregnancy. This weight gain is spread between the baby, placenta, breasts, fat stores and other natural parts of the body.

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