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Our Specialty Services

Using the latest in technology, we offer you prenatal care that’s on the cutting edge – for the best possible outcomes.


This is done throughout pregnancy to guide our care in improving your chances of having a healthy baby. Ultrasound is used to evaluate the baby for abnormalities and growth, to evaluate risk factors that could lead to early delivery and assess whether the baby might require early delivery or intervention. This includes 3-D ultrasound to see detailed information – giving parents the thrill of seeing their unborn baby’s face.


Amniocentesis is a prenatal test to detect genetic or chromosomal abnormalities, determine the baby’s lung development if an early delivery is required, or check the well-being of the baby for mothers who have blood sensitization or other issues.

Integrated Screenings

Integrated Screenings are combination of first trimester and second trimester blood tests and ultrasounds, this is the safest and most accurate testing available to screen for birth defects.

Management/co-management of pregnancy complications

Whether there is a medical problem such as diabetes, hypertension or recurrent pregnancy problems with the mother, or an anomaly or problem with the fetus, we provide ongoing guidance and care to optimize the outcome of the pregnancy.

Experienced Specialty Care

Avera Medical Group Maternal Fetal Medicine perinatal specialists are ready to handle any difficult situation from initial high-risk pregnancies to births which become high risk without warning. Here are some of the services we have in place to make sure you and your baby stay healthy.

  • Perinatologists and specially-trained nurses on staff and available 24 hours a day
  • Preconception care, including genetic and infertility counseling
  • Antepartum Diagnostics and Antepartum Home Care Program
  • Perinatal care designed to avoid hospital as long as possible
  • Maternal and neonatal transport throughout the region by Careflight air or ground ambulance

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