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Real Solutions Today at Avera Midlife Care for Women!

Are you experiencing these symptoms—hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, cycle changes, fatigue, fuzzy thinking, weight gain, trouble sleeping? If so, chances are good that the root cause may be a hormone imbalance. Avera Midlife Care is here to help.

Our Team Can Help with Your Healthcare Needs

Our specialized, certified team of doctors, nurse practitioners and pharmacists provides:

  • primary health services for women, including annual physicals, lab testing mammograms, bone density testing and common illness care
  • consultations and testing to understand your unique hormone imbalance issues
  • hormone rebalance therapy, including vitamins, minerals and natural bioidentical hormones-compounded just like those your body makes
  • access to a specialized pharmacy that understands the health needs of women
  • wellness advice and support that promotes holistic balance.

We Help with Medical and Emotional Needs

Avera Midlife Care for Women is real health care that meets your medical needs and addresses the emotional, relational and spiritual needs associated with midlife. Here, you will find:

  • A team of energized physicians, nurse practitioners, consulting/compounding pharmacists who are specially-trained and experienced in whole-woman care. Meet our team »
  • A full spectrum of whole-woman services to make sure your health care works in concert with your changing needs and lifestyle.
  • Customized services for women, designed to address your medical needs: prevention and screening; lab testing; mammograms; DEXA scans; personalized strategies for ensuring your prescriptions, hormone levels, vitamins, nutrition and wellness and overall medical care work together to suit your special needs!

Convenient, Practical Solutions for Everyday Living

Your life is a busy one. You want to do it all, and you deserve to enjoy it along the way. Avera wants to make your health care and wellness strategy convenient and comfortable-and to get you back on your way as efficiently as possible.

We make it easy to schedule your mammogram, routine screening, physical and labs. A visit to Avera Midlife can also help you:

  • anticipate age-appropriate health screenings and identify personal risk factors
  • take the time to examine your changing needs
  • coach you through lifestyle choices (fitness, food, stress)
  • develop strategies that minimize symptoms associated with menopause, including hormonal re-balance and pharmacological solutions made just for you in Avera's on-site compounding parmacy.

Call for Appointment

Call Avera Midlife Care for Women at 605-322-3455 to schedule your personalized Midlife Care appointment.

Plaza 4 | 911 E. 20th Street, 2nd Floor, Suite 200 | Sioux Falls

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