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When You Arrive

Your visit will begin at Central Registration. New patients are required to bring two forms of identification and proof of insurance with them. In the event you are not covered by medical insurance, you will be asked to provide a $50 prepayment. While at Central Registration, you will be asked to verify your mailing address, phone numbers and insurance information. The information you provide will be used to create or update your medical record and your billing account.

If you have received copies of your previous medical records, they will be incorporated into your new record. If we have not received your records, you may be asked to complete a request for medical records transfer from your previous provider.

After you have finished at Central Registration, you will be directed to the appropriate medical department.

Please be sure to bring your insurance information to every visit.

Your Next Visit

If your provider wishes you to return at a later time for additional examination or follow-up, please make this appointment before leaving.


Many patients are referred to Avera Medical Group Worthington by their personal providers. If you are referred by a provider who is not a member of our clinic, please inform us when scheduling your appointment. Our policy is to make all our findings available to your personal provider so that he/she may continue your medical management with complete knowledge of all essential facts.

It may also be necessary to have a written referral form completed by your regular provider to assure full insurance benefits. As the insured, you are responsible to assure that referrals are completed when necessary.

Release of Information Request

Before we release information concerning your health care to any third party, such as an insurance company, you must sign a special form authorizing its release. We will accept a photocopy of a blanket authorization for release of medical information.

Medical Records Transfer Authorization Form

Spanish Medical Records Transfer Authorization Form


If you require hospitalization during your examination or following medical or surgical treatment, our staff will attend to hospital admission arrangements. At the time of admission, you will need to make payment arrangements with the hospital admissions staff. The hospital and Avera Worthington are separate business organizations. You will receive separate bills for services rendered by each organization.