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Avera Creighton

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Avera Creighton Patient Billing Information

Avera Creighton is proud of our mission to provide all levels of health care around the clock to those in need. We also know medical bills are often unexpected and may be difficult to pay. We hope that the information on this page will answer some of your financial questions up front and will allow you to concentrate on your health. Thank you for choosing Avera Creighton for your health care needs.

Your Insurance Information

Please bring your insurance card with you when you come to Admissions. You will be asked to give us updated insurance information. We participate in most insurance plans and will file insurance claims on your behalf. Please call your insurance company to pre-certify prior to receiving certain services according to your insurance policy. Knowing your insurance benefits is your responsibility. Please contact your insurance company with any questions you may have about your coverage.

Payments At Time of Service

Office visit co-payments must be made at the time of service. Your insurance company requires us to collect those payments as part of your contract. Payments of deductibles and non-covered services may be made prior to or at the time of service. We gladly accept cash, check and most credit cards. We can provide you with an estimate of your cost prior to receiving many of our services. Please contact our Patient Account Representatives for details.

Getting a Bill

If you are covered by Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance, you will get a statement from us in the mail after insurance has paid or denied your claim. If you do not have insurance, you will receive a statement from us within a few weeks of your visit. A statement is sent out every month showing how old your account is and your balance due. If you need a copy of your itemized bill, please call a Patient Account Representative. You may receive bills from outside providers, as well as Avera Creighton, depending on the services you receive. For example, you may get a separate bill from the radiologist who reads your x-ray.

Payment Plans

After all health insurance has paid and any financial assistance has been subtracted from your bill, the balance left is your responsibility to pay. Interest free payment plans are available on most self-pay account balances. Here are your options:

  1. Pay the bill in full within 30 days of your statement date.
  2. Pay your bill in full with 2, 3, or 4 monthly installments. We ask that you pay no less than $100 per month.
  3. If you need more than 4 installments, call one of our Patient Account Representatives to set up a monthly payment plan. We ask that you do not take more than 18 months to pay. Interest or service charges may be added to your account de-pending on the arrangements made.

We gladly accept cash, check and most credit cards. If you can not pay your bill in full, we ask that you talk to outside lenders.

Financial Assistance Program

If paying your bill creates a financial hardship, you may apply for help under our Financial Assistance Program. If you qualify, some or all of your bill may be reduced. To apply for help, contact a Patient Account Representative for an application. You will be asked to complete a Financial Assistance Application and give us copies of your most recent Federal Income Tax return and your last 3 pay stubs. You will get a letter in the mail letting you know if you have qualified.

Patient Account Representatives

Please call one of the numbers below to talk to a Patient Account Representative. They can set up monthly payment plans, send you a copy of your itemized bill and answer any of your billing questions. The representatives can send you a Financial Assistance Application and answer any questions you may have about the form. They can also give you an estimate on the cost of many procedures done at Avera Creighton.

    • Avera Creighton Hospital - 402-358-5700
    • Avera Creighton Care Centre - 402-358-5701
    • Avera Medical Group Verdigre - 402-668-2216
    • Avera Medical Group Creighton - 402-358-5700