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Avera De Smet Memorial Hospital

306 Prairie Avenue SW
PO Box 160
De Smet, SD 57231
605-854-3161 Fax

Outpatient Treatment

Patients receiving IV therapy or other outpatient treatments have the option of getting their treatments close to home. Avera De Smet Memorial Hospital provides convenient access and comfortable surroundings for your outpatient therapy.

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24 Hours/7 Days a Week

Treatment and Therapy 

Avera De Smet Memorial Hospital's nurses and staff work with your health care provider to manage your care and ensure proper treatment and progress. Examples of treatments or therapies are:

  • IV hydration
  • IV medication
  • IV antibiotics
  • Central line & port management
  • Other injections

The key advantages of outpatient treatment are freedom and convenience. Receiving treatments such as IV antibotics or injections on an outpatient basis allow patients of all ages to maintain a more flexible routine and schedule.

For information about outpatient treatments, contact your physician, call Avera De Smet Memorial Hospital at 605-854-3329.