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Avera De Smet Memorial Hospital

306 Prairie Avenue SW
PO Box 160
De Smet, SD 57231
605-854-3161 Fax

Patient Education

Understanding your illness or disease is key to a quick recovery and ongoing health. Avera De Smet Memorial Hospital's nursing staff is available to work one-on-one with inpatients and outpatients providing information about the illness, care and treatment, supplies or equipment options, and follow-up care.

Whether you are recovering from a wound, skin condition or congestive heart failure, or have been diagnosed with diabetes, you will be provided with a variety of educational materials including videos, literature and personal demonstration.

Your physician directs what type of education is needed during your hospital visit, as well as after discharge. Our nursing staff and on a consultation basis an education coordinator from Avera Queen of Peace provide individualized care to ensure you, your family and caregivers understand home treatment (e.g., wound care, dressing changes, etc.), symptoms to watch for, activity and diet recommendations.