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What is the Avera Medical Group?

Avera Medical Group is 545+ members strong, with approximately 390 physicians and doctorate-level providers, and an estimated 160 allied health professionals. Some 90 percent of Avera Medical Group physicians enjoy board-level certification.

Avera Medical Group provides high-quality care at more than 130 locations in more than 50 communities in a five-state area, keeping health care close to where you live.

For Our Patients

Avera Medical Group provides:

  • Ease of referral to specialists in more than 60 specialty areas from Allergy to Women’s Care
  • Care right where you live, with clinics located throughout South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and North Dakota

The Support of Avera

Avera Medical Group physicians are backed by the strength of the Avera system, so clinics in the group are a one-stop-shop for all of your health care needs.

  • The most advanced technology
  • Best-practice care
  • The benefits of the Avera Research Institute

   … Access it all locally through an Avera Medical Group clinic.
Value to Rural Communities

Avera Medical Group clinics are a great value to rural communities because we support the physicians and health professionals who live and practice there. Through Avera’s support and system-level services, more providers are committed to serve the smaller towns and communities of our region.

Avera Medical Group means hometown care through physicians and allied health professionals who are connected to the resources of Avera, nationally recognized for its innovative rural health care model.

Avera Medical Group clinics utilize the Avera eCARE™ suite of services that:

  • Extends the reach of specialty care to the hometown doorstep, which means you may not need to travel to access nearly 40 different types of specialty care
  • Brings highly trained critical-care and emergency-trained specialists right to the bedside through sophisticated telemedicine applications — saving time and lives in emergencies
  • Often eliminates the need for costly transport away from hometown care and the support of friends and family

Avera's Electronic Medical Record

When your doctor refers you to another physician in the Avera Medical Group, you will receive these benefits of Avera’s electronic medical record:

  • A smooth flow of information about your health between doctors and other providers
  • Fewer duplicate tests
  • Less paperwork for you to fill out and a record of the questions that you have already answered

   … all of which create value for you in time and avoided costs.

Avera Medical Group

Avera Medical Group provides high-quality care at locations in more than 50 communities in a five-state area, keeping health care close to where you live. More.

Are you an Avera Health Plans Member?

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Physician Specialty Glossary

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