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The Best Gift You Could Give Your Family? An Advance Directive.

It is difficult for people to make decisions when under pressure or emotional strain, particularly in areas where there are no clear-cut answers, such as the use of life-sustaining treatments and determining choices of health care. These issues require a great deal of discussion and careful thought. This information has been presented in the hope that you will discuss it with your physician and others and come to a decision that is right for you and those you love.


Please, Let Us Talk

Ida M. Pyeritz, St. Clair Hospital Auxilian
Reprinted Courtesy of St. Clair Hospital, Pittsburgh, Penn.

Today I have life,
how long will it last -
The days go so quickly,
the months pass so fast.

My death I don’t fear,
but how will I die?
Will I recognize loved ones
as they bid me good-bye?

Please, let us talk now
and make plans that are real,
put them in writing
so you’ll know how I feel.

It’s my life, you know,
and I want to make sure
if my last illness is serious,
and there is no cure,

You’ll carry out my wishes,
and know in your heart,
that I am at peace,
and with dignity depart.