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Avera Professional Education Search Results

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  • 14th Annual Pediatric Symposium

    The learner will review practical, evidence-based approaches in the management of pediatric patients.

  • 2015 Avera Nuclear Medicine Conference

    The Avera Nuclear Medicine Conference is designed for imaging professionals to promote nuclear medicine educational advancements.

  • 23rd Annual Avera Trauma Symposium

    The 23rd Annual Trauma Symposium has been designed to highlight current evidence-based concepts and technology for the evaluation, diagnosis and acute care management of the trauma patient throughout the continuum of care.

  • 4th Annual Transplant Symposium

    This education symposium is specially designed to highlight current topics and challenges in management of the patient with organ disease.

  • 8th Annual Avera Brain & Spine Institute Conference

    The Avera Brain & Spine Institute Conference learner will partake in activities and sessions that will enhance collaboration between primary and specialty care providers in caring for individuals with neurological disorders.

  • Avera Caring Professionals Conference: Nurturing the Caregiver

    This conference seeks to foster greater understanding and appreciation of whole-person care and its significance in health care today. Providers of whole-person care will learn best practices and gain fresh insights, including spiritual approaches designed to help them achieve balance and perspective in their practice and personal lives.

  • Avera eEmergency Airway Program Powered by the Difficult Airway CourseTM

    The course emphasizes assessment and decision-making to enable participants to manage any emergency airway they encounter. This 'practice-changing' program offers multiple hands-on sessions that reinforce the learning and provide valuable practice time with proven airway devices. This program has been exclusively designed for the rural practice setting and eEmergency providers.

  • Avera Ethics Conference

    This educational activity will help participants explore current ethical issues faced by healthcare professionals.

  • Avera McKennan Pulmonary & Critical Care Symposium

    Upon completion of this activity, the learner will increase knowledge of current, evidience-based concepts impacting the pulmonary and critical care patient.

  • Avera Splinting Workshop for Primary Care Providers

    This educational activity is specially designed for participants to demonstrate splinting technique for simple wrist and ankle injuries.

Page of 2, showing items 1-10 of 11.