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Avera Professional Education Search Results

  • Avera & Hazelden 3rd Annual Conference

    This learning opportunity will provide the learner with the most up-to-date information and practice measures for managing patients with risk factors associated with substance use disorders and/or chronic pain conditions.

  • Avera eEmergency Airway Program Powered by the Difficult Airway CourseTM

    The course emphasizes assessment and decision-making to enable participants to manage any emergency airway they encounter. This 'practice-changing' program offers multiple hands-on sessions that reinforce the learning and provide valuable practice time with proven airway devices. This program has been exclusively designed for the rural practice setting and eEmergency providers.

  • Avera McKennan Nursing/EBP Research Conference

    This educational activity has been specifically designed to share evidence-based practice, PI and research being conducted in the practice setting.

  • Avera McKennan Social Work Conference

    The Avera McKennan Social Work Conference has been specifically designed to provide education, guidance and awareness to prepare professionals that serve vulnerable populations regarding the dangers of cybercrimes within our community.

  • Disabilities Rights Conference