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  • Benefits of Massage Therapy

Published on October 24, 2012

Benefits of Massage Therapy

By Julie J. Amsberry

You’ve heard it before, or maybe even said it yourself; massage is all about pampering yourself. And what’s wrong with that? We live in a country where our employers expect a minimum of 40 hours of work each week. Either we’re on our feet running all day long or sitting in front of a computer. Then we go home and help our kids with homework or run them to soccer, dance class, archery club or church. We make dinner, do laundry, yard work or house repairs. Then we often volunteer for the PTA, or teach Sunday school, or clean out our neighbor’s gutter, or work on various committees, or spend time with an ailing friend or family member. And then, if we are lucky, we get two whole weeks off a year to rest…but if you’re like me, vacation is rarely restful.

If you think of your body like it were a car, how much gas would you have left after all that work? It’s important to fill your tank and take care of your car. Likewise, if your body's broken down and tired, how can you give the very best of yourself to your employer, coworkers, friends, or family?

Massage therapy has many incredible benefits. Naming just a few; it lowers blood pressure, relieves muscle tension, increases blood and lymph circulation, improves skin conditions, relieves achy joints, enhances range of motion, and boosts focus and concentration, and therefore, productivity. Most importantly in this age of endless work hours, meetings, and constant motion, it gives you the opportunity to set everything down for an hour and take a breath. Of course, the to-do lists and appointments will all be waiting for you, but the load will feel much lighter and be more manageable once you refuel.

Be good to yourself! Don't wait until you're running on empty...refuel regularly to prevent major break downs like injuries, pain, or illness. You deserve to feel good, and when you do, you'll better serve yourself and those around you.

Julie Amsberry has been a licensed massage therapist for 5 years. She is a Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Julie sees clients at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital in Yankton. For an appointment call 668-8376.