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Published on January 02, 2013

Opportunities to Inspire

By Carla Hummel, CAVS
Director of Volunteer Services

Is it more to be inspired by others, or to do inspiring things?  Although we are inspired every day by people volunteering their time, sharing their talents and providing compassion, doing things that may inspire others also has benefits.  More often than not, you receive much more than you give.

It’s the little acts of kindness that often touch the hearts of so many.  The opening of a door when someone’s hands are full.  The smile that helps brighten a day of someone having a tough time.  Or the willingness to do a little something extra that takes the pressure off someone else on a really busy day.

Avera Sacred Heart has a great list of volunteer opportunities to inspire:

At Avera Yankton Care Center and Majestic Bluffs, there is always an activity that could use a couple extra hands.  Many residents are in a wheel chair and appreciate assistance getting to their destination. Sometimes just a ride with a little conversation can make a world of difference.

If you like Bingo, it is available at either location three days a week.  Bingo is usually followed by coffee time and fellowship with the residents – and time they cherish. Bingo not your game? Checkers, cards and other board games are available. You could help turn any evening into a fun-filled, memorable game night.

At the hospital, we have a couple places that are getting particularly hit by the “snow bird” bug.  We need some volunteers in the TEAM office. TEAM is a group of volunteers who answer calls from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. for various requests throughout the hospital and adjoining buildings.  The TEAM members escort patients out of the hospital after discharge, bring some meal trays from the kitchen to patients, deliver mail or packages, and much more.

The Gift Shop in the hospital is also in need of some volunteers. Completely staffed by volunteers, this cute little shop is a great place for finding a gift for a loved one, grabbing a pop and candy bar or just passing a little time while a loved one is having something done.  The volunteers in this area help people with an eye toward healing in a different way.

Another hospital opportunity is the Patient Liaison program. This volunteer interviews patients helping us to make sure pain is being managed, food is good and the patients know what to do when they are discharged.

At Majestic Bluffs, there is a new assignment called Dining Assistant.  This volunteer helps some of the residents who may be challenged when it comes to feeding themselves. This assignment does require a little training but is guaranteed to be rewarding.

Thank you for your inspirational little acts of kindness!

If inspiration was as aromatic as a cup of coffee, we would drink it.
If inspiration was as flavorful as a cookie, we would eat it.
If Bingo spelled Inspiration, we would surely yell it.  Let’s all find our inspiration and put it into action.

To check into these opportunities to inspire, contact Carla Hummel at Avera Sacred Heart.  Email:, phone: 668-8104, or stop by and ask for her at 501 Summit.  Thank you for your consideration.