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  • Avera Staff Pull Together With Wessington Springs

Published on June 19, 2014

Avera Staff Pull Together With Community of Wessington Springs After Wednesday Evening Tornado


Staff at Avera Weskota Memorial Hospital and Weskota Manor Avera staff did an outstanding job of responding after a Wednesday evening tornado hit the community of Wessington Springs, reports Gaea Blue, Hospital Administrator.

Despite the seriousness of this storm only one patient was seen at the hospital for injuries. This patient has been treated and released.

eEmergency specialists in Sioux Falls were on standby to help if needed, and EMT staff, physicians and advanced practice providers were on site to provide care.

Both Avera Weskota Memorial Hospital and Weskota Manor Avera sustained only minor roof damage. There was no need to transfer patients to other facilities and care was able to continue as usual. Staff on duty followed pre-planned precautions to protect patients during the tornado warning.

The tornado’s path was about a half a block east of the hospital. Because the storm knocked out power lines, the hospital continued to operate on emergency power backup Thursday morning.

Avera Queen of Peace Hospital of Mitchell sent support to Avera Weskota to help with building repairs and other needs. Avera Weskota administrative staff are helping with the cleanup, and otherwise, the hospital and nursing home are operating as usual.

Avera connected with the command center for the city and worked with them on search-and-rescue updates.

The hospital and nursing home were prepared and came together with the community to respond in the best way possible.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and businesses that sustained damage and losses during Wednesday night’s storm, and for the entire community of Wessington Springs in light of the challenges they now face.