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  • There is so much “Good” to be done!

Published on January 08, 2014

There is so much “Good” to be done!

By Carla Hummel, CAVS
Director of Volunteer Services
Avera Sacred Heart Hospital

Volunteering is a great way to do “good”, spread happiness around and to share the gifts God has given us.  The best way to select your volunteering experience is by taking a look at what you are passionate about.

Do you have a passion for history?
Our long-term care residents have lived it and are willing to share it.  What better way to appreciate and be a part of retaining this history then by helping document it.

Passionate about plants and/or animals?
Through the Eden program, that helps our care centers provide a more homelike environment for our residents, we have pets and plants and can always use an extra hand.  Love gardening – hard to believe with how cold it is outside, but it won’t be long and the spring season will be here along with time for planting, tending, and end of the season clean up.

Are you bursting with hospitality?
We have several areas available to welcome patients and visitors.  Greeting, giving directions, and sometimes even walking patients and visitors to their destination can be very reassuring and can help relieve fears.  Whether it’s in the hospital lobby, Benedictine Center lobby, Professional Office Pavilion lobby, or in the Surgery or Same Day Surgery waiting rooms, it is reassuring to know a volunteer is nearby to comfort family and friends.

Do you Love games?
Bingo is a favorite and played often at Avera Sister James Care Center (ASJCC) and Avera Yankton Care Center (AYCC).  The fun is in the game, but the true joy is in seeing how much the residents enjoy it.

Love to Read?  Or help with crafts?
Adult Day Services would love to have you read the paper to residents or help them prepare for projects.

Can’t get enough of shopping?
 Help -our residents on a shopping trip – they will love you for it!

Does your coffee crew meet every afternoon at the same time? 
Maybe once a week your “crew” could have coffee with the Avera Sister James or Avera Yankton Care Center residents.  Help with the coffee and stay to visit.  You could even assist during meal time.  There are just so many ways to do “Good”.

Just plain love to help people?
The TEAM volunteers answer calls throughout the hospital. They assist patients, visitors and staff.  We can always use more legs to help shorten the distances between service areas. The company isn’t too bad either.

Something else to think about when deciding to volunteer, find an organization with common values and mission.  If you believe in making a positive impact in the lives and health of others through quality services guided by Christian values including compassion, hospitality and stewardship, then come and join us – share your passion!

And if I may end with my favorite quote: 
Do all the good you can.
By all the means you can.
In all the ways you can.
At all the times you can.
To all the people you can.
As long as ever you can.
John Wesley.

If you’re interested in sharing your passion, doing good for others, and/or want to make a positive impact on the lives of others, please contact Carla Hummel at 605-668-8104 or