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Park Place Estates

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Park Place Estates accept third party payers such as Medicaid?
    Park Place Estates is a private pay facility and does not accept payment from Medicare or Medicaid. However, Long Term Care Insurance policies may be an avenue of payment for the resident. If an individual has questions regarding their own LTC insurance policy in regards to payment at Park Place Estates, our Director or RN will gladly review the policy. If coverage is available Park Place Estates will assist with submitting the appropriate forms to the Insurance Company for reimbursement.
  2. Is Park Place Estates certified?
    Yes. Park Place Estates is certified by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals. Park Place Estates is also a member of the Iowa Center for Assisted Living and affiliated with Floyd Valley Hospital.
  3. If I am offered an apartment at Park Place Estates and decide to move in, what will happen next?
    The RN will visit with you and ask questions regarding your Activities of Daily Living (bathing, dressing, ambulation, using the bathroom, eating, continence) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (safety, activities and socialization, housekeeping, transportation, shopping, making appointments, etc). The RN will also ask questions about your health history and evaluate your short and long term memory ability. This information is important in determining if a prospective resident meets the Occupancy Criteria. Based on the information gathered an individualized Service Plan is created and the new resident, along with the RN will sign the plan. Once the assessments and all required paper work are completed the resident is free to move in at his/her convenience.
  4. What is the difference between an Assisted Living and a Nursing Home?
    An assisted living facility maintains maximum resident independence in a home like setting while providing supervision with individualized care and assistance. Assisted living residents usually need assistance with day-to-day activities and nursing care because they are unable to properly care for themselves due to age, sickness, disease, or physical or mental impairment. This is generally referred to as “custodial” care.

Reservation Agreement

The Reservation Agreement requires a $500 deposit and assures priority selection for an apartment at Park Place Estates.  This is not a binding commitment, and should not be misconstrued as an agreement to complete the necessary requirements for occupancy.  

If a party does not wish to retain this reservation priority, the deposit of $500 is fully refundable upon request, and the priority status is voided.  If a party is called regarding a vacancy, they have the opportunity to accept or decline the available apartment.  If a party declines, their name will drop to the bottom of the Reservation Agreement list.

Park Place Estates may terminate the Occupancy Agreement and assist in the transfer of a resident to an appropriate health-care setting if in the judgment of the Director the resident meets one or more of the following conditions:

  1. Is bed bound; or
  2. Requires routine, two-person assistance with standing, transfer, or evacuation; or
  3. Is dangerous to self or other residents or staff, including but not limited to a resident who despite intervention chronically elopes, is sexually or physically aggressive or abusive, or displays unmanageable verbal abuse or aggression; or displays behavior that places another resident at risk; or
  4. Is in an acute stage of alcoholism, drug addiction, or uncontrolled mental illness; or
  5. Is under the age of eighteen (18); or
  6. Requires more than part-time or intermittent health-related care; or
  7. Has unmanageable incontinence on a routine basis despite an individualized toileting program; or 
  8. Is medically unstable; or
  9. Requires maximal assistance with activities of daily living.
  10. Despite intervention, chronically urinates or defecates in places that are not considered acceptable to societal norms, such as on the floor or in a potted plant.
  11. Is unwilling to cooperate in a Managed Risk Agreement if indicated to manage any activity or behavior that may adversely affect the health, safety, or well being of resident or other residents.

A copy of the Park Place Estates Occupancy Agreement is available upon request.

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