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Train the Trainer


If you have any questions about the train the trainer program, please contact our office.

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Facilitating a training session can be a scary endeavor for those without experience in training others. Train the Trainer is training designed to support the professional development of trainers in effectively mentoring, facilitating knowledge, and assisting with skills acquisition for trainees in health care. This program is approximately 3 hours 30 minutes.

Course Objectives

  • Describe essential skills needed to facilitate training.
  • Recall the concepts and generalization in learning, and the laws and rules of learning.
  • Recognize a training development model and how it is used.
  • Discover Adult Learning Principles.
  • Examine the characteristics of effective speaking.
  • Identify how to develop a training session, essential components of an effective training session, and the importance of evaluation of the training and trainer.

Requirements to be a Primary Instructor

44:04:18:11 must be a licensed nurse (RN or LPN) with two years of nursing experience, at least one of which is in the provision of long-term care services. The primary instructor is the actual teacher of course materials.

Requirements to be a Supplemental Instructor

44:04:18:12 may assist with instruction, they must have one year of experience in their respective field of practice, i.e. additional licensed nurses, social worker, physical therapist.

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