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Meet Our Dietitians

Mary Beth Russell, RD, LN, CDE

I have 18 years of experience developing others into the healthy person they want to be. I absolutely love my job. I am passionate about my own personal mission for health and wellness and feel it is the key to a long and happy life. I also feel very strongly about the benefits of exercise. I spend a great deal of our free time at the gym working out. In my opinion, a well balanced diet needs to be partnered with a well balanced workout that includes both cardio and weight bearing exercise for overall health. As a registered dietitian I feel it is my mission to meet people where they are at in their wellness journey. I enjoy partnering with them to develop their own personal health goals and then my aim is fulfilled as I guide them on their path to success.

Mary Aukes, RD, LN

I received my undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Food Science with a specialization in Dietetics from South Dakota State University. Following that I completed an internship at University of South Dakota Center for Disabilities Dietetic Internship. My passion for being a dietitian is to help those individuals who struggle with finding their way to living a healthy life. I believe food is a neccesity which fuels our bodies to be able to live active, happy, healthy lives. My aspiration is to motivate individuals to make healthier food choices along with increasing daily physical activity which ultimately will help them to reach their goals and create their new healthier lifestyle. My caring, empathetic approach helps to guide individuals by educating them on how to make healthier choices.

Lauren Cornay, RD, LN

Food plays an important role in everyone's life; impacting our health, evoking emotion as well as affecting budget. I pursued a career in dietetics to help members of my community develop eating and lifestyle habits that not only optimize their health but also allow them to enjoy what they eat. My passions for cooking, baking and physical activity serve me well in my role as a dietitian. I obtained my undergraduate degree at South Dakota State University and completed my dietetic internship at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. I spent four years at Genesis HealthCare Systems in Zanesville, Ohio working primarily in the critical care unit, managing nutrition support. Joining the Avera Heart Hospital team provides me the opportunity to work closely with patients and their families to make the diet and lifestyle changes that can save lives.