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CT Combines Speed and Lowest-Dose Technology


  • Highly detailed cardiovascular images.
  • High speed means less time in the scanner.
  • Decreased need for beta blocks before scan.

A national leader in cardiovascular care, Avera Heart Hospital now has one of the world’s fastest CT scanners with the lowest-dose technology. 

High Speed

In less than one second, or the time it takes you to blink your eyes, the Siemens SOMATOM Definition Flash CT can help provide high-definition images of the heart and may include the smallest blood vessels.

Advanced Images 

Using innovating technology, the Flash CT delivers highly detailed cardiovascular images while providing organ-sensitive radiation dose protection. That means one less thing to worry about when facing potentially difficult health-care decisions. 

Additional Benefits

Other benefits of the new Flash CT:

  • People have to spend much less time in the scanner. A whole-body exam on a 6-foot-6 inch person can be performed in about 5 seconds.
  • Patients with irregular or fast heart beats may not need to take beta blockers before a scan.

The new CT technology will be used during Planet Heart screenings.

The Avera Heart Hospital:
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You want the best for your heart, and so do we. Cutting edge technology. A national leader in cardiovascular care. Because it's about advanced technology for better outcomes. But it's also about advanced care.

A Strong Partnership

The Avera Heart Hospital is a cooperative venture between Avera McKennan and North Central Heart.

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