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Innovation & Research

A breakthrough. A change. An idea. It all falls under the definition of “innovation.” At Avera, we’re looking toward innovation and research to stay ahead of the curve in light of a changing environment, and changing consumer demands.

Innovation happens at all levels of Avera. It can be a new product, like AveraNow – a face-to-face virtual visit that allows you to see an Avera provider, any time, 24/7. It can be a new way of doing things – like new patient care processes in the emergency department to shorten wait times. Innovation can spring from formalized research studies, or from great ideas. It can mean finding ways to do more with limited resources.

It’s exciting when innovation in health care impacts lives for the better. Just two great examples of innovation at Avera:

Avera eCARE

Avera eCARE™ is the world’s most robust telemedicine network serving rural health care. Avera eCARE improves access to health care by extending specialty care through interactive video and computer technology. A key advantage is allowing people to receive care in or near their home community, rather than having to travel for hospital care or doctor visits. Through eCARE, we’re saving health care costs, saving miles traveled and most importantly, we’re saving lives.

Genetics and Genomics

Avera realizes that the future of medicine is in the fields of genetics and genomics. While genetics is the study of heredity and the function of single genes, genomics looks at the entirety of a person’s DNA. We’re using these emerging sciences to match the right treatments to the right patients, based on their DNA.

Also known as personalized medicine, this is happening today in areas such as pain management, behavioral health and cancer care. In the future, it will expand to more specialties, and will not only involve treatment of disease, but prevention of disease. Key programs include the Avera Institute for Human Genetics and Avera Cancer Institute Center for Precision Oncology.

Learn about Research at Avera

Research at Avera involves the spectrum from applied research to participation in clinical trials. We invite you to visit our web page to learn how current research might benefit your own health, or the health of a loved one.

Contact the Avera Research Institute

If you have questions about clinical trials, cancer research or other programs of the Avera Research Institute, call 605-322-3050. We are located at 3720 W. 69th Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57108.

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