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Our bodies process and metabolize medication differently. Unfortunately, what works for the average patient may not work for you. That’s why finding the right medication is often a trial-and-error process.

Medicine is advancing to a new horizon at Avera – the first in the region to offer GeneFolio*. This simple yet innovative test uses your DNA to predict which medications match your body’s unique make-up for the best treatment and the best results.

Inspired Medicine by Avera

With a simple, one-time blood draw, GeneFolio gives your provider access to proven testing that helps provide:

  • Optimal dosing
  • Increased treatment success
  • Reduced potential for negative side effects

Personalized Treatment for Proven Results

Receive a treatment plan guided by your unique genetic characteristics through this new level of personalized care. When you discover which drugs your body best metabolizes, you’ll benefit from:

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How GeneFolio Works

It’s quick and easy. First, ask your primary care provider if GeneFolio testing is right for you. If so:

  1. Your provider takes a blood sample in the clinic.
  2. A report indicates which medications you’re more compatible with and which you aren’t.
  3. You may schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss any potential medication changes.
  4. The report is saved in your Avera electronic medical record for future use and can be viewed by you in the Reports section of AveraChart.

Is GeneFolio Right for Me?

Nearly everyone will benefit at some point in their lives from receiving GeneFolio testing. Consider it especially if you:

  • Are preparing for upcoming surgery
  • Are being treated for behavioral health issues such as depression
  • Are being treated for cardiovascular disease
  • Need better pain control for chronic pain
  • Have experienced muscle aches and trouble taking a statin for cholesterol management
  • Take five or more medications

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about GeneFolio, complete and submit this online form.

*Genefolio may not be available in all states.

Learn More About GeneFolio

To find out if this test is right for you, schedule an appointment with your primary care provider and ask about GeneFolio or call 605-322-3050.

DNA strand

GeneFolio was inspired by pharmacogenomics – the study of your DNA to understand how your body will metabolize certain medications.

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