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Applied Research

Applied Research is designed to solve practical problems of the modern world. Its goal is to improve the human condition by creating or inventing marketable products. Its scientists identify the commercialization potential as one of their project’s primary goals.

Novel Photochemical Tissue Bonding Technology

Avera scientists have been instrumental in developing a photochemical tissue bonding technology for a number of clinical applications. This exciting family of naphthalimide-based photochemicals has demonstrated successful tissue bonding in numerous tissue beds.


The potential uses for these photochemical tissue-bonding compounds extend beyond the realm of vascular biology with nearly limitless tissue applications. Research within the Applied Research Division of the Avera Research Institute is expanding to include research into numerous clinical applications in dermatology, urology, ophthalmology, virology, and orthopedics, among other medical specialties.

In addition to the photochemical technology, we plan to develop and pursue additional areas of applied research as we expand our research team. We feel we have the unique opportunity to make a tremendous impact in medicine with broad-reaching implications.

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