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2908 East 26th Street Sioux Falls, SD 57103-4089

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Onsite Surgical Center

Prairie States Surgical Center is committed to being a leader in providing the highest quality surgical and recovery care services in our region. A place where patient care is sensitive and friendly and each patient is treated like a guest. This level of care is best delivered in a small, highly specialized setting. Prairie States Surgical Center is such a place. Every aspect of our facility has been designed with the patient in mind. We understand that patients deserve to be treated with respect and compassion! 

At Prairie States Surgical Center we are quickly establishing ourselves as one of the premier outpatient facilities for orthopedic procedures in the area. Some of the more prominent surgeries provided here at Prairie States Surgical Center are surgeries on the foot and ankle. Our Orthopedic surgeons exemplify high qualifications, experience, and quality to all of their patients.

Our Staff

Health care professionals will agree that it can be difficult, if not seemingly impossible, to find a surgical center with a staff that possesses the skills, training, and experience specifically suited to our field of practice. The fact is, there is a very small number of dedicated specialists in this field and the majority of them practice here.

Physician and patient surveys demonstrate that from admissions, to our surgical staff who perform the procedures, to our post-operative care, Prairie State Surgical Center is where the best and brightest are changing the lives of our patients.

Quality of Care

Our field is constantly evolving and we are always evaluating our own performance to find ways to improve the care we give our patients. Each patient is given a questionnaire regarding waiting times, admission process, nursing care, and more so we can stay in touch with our patients and address their needs and desires.

Cost-effective Health Care

Prairie States Surgical Center does not incur the overhead expenses associated with hospitals and their emergency rooms, intensive care units, or diagnostic laboratories; therefore, we are better able to control our expenses.

Prairie States Surgical Center’s fee covers the use of the surgery center facilities, nursing care, most supplies and anesthetics. We do not increase our fee if your recovery period takes longer than anticipated. If you have questions about this fee, call our billing department at (605) 336-8647. Charges for anesthesia care and your physician are not included in the facility fee. Charges for x-ray, lab and pathology are contracted services and are billed separately.

Insurance and Billing

Prairie States Surgical Center recognizes its obligation to remain flexible in financial arrangements. In the event that any of the above statements cannot be met, we will attempt to make other financial arrangements. These arrangements must be made prior to admission and must be approved by the administrator. Please call (605) 336-8647.

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